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1979 Software Engineering Laboratory (SOFEL) was established.
1980 Software for generating COBOL programs "COMPS" was released.
1981 SOFEL Corp. was established in LA, California in USA.
1982 COMPS was used by Japan Railways, and SOFEL won award from them for its productivity.
SOFEL made a contract with CSD for the exclusive sales of relational database software in Japan.
1983 SOFEL localized RDB "DATA ACE" and ported it to NEC's PC, N-5200.
1984 Capital increased to 20 million yen.
SOFEL ported RDB "DATA ACE" to major PCs in Japan.
1985 SOFEL exhibited software products at world famous COMDEX Japan.
SOFEL released 4th Generation Language "toolFORTH"
1986 SOFEL made a license agreement with Nintendo for game creation.
Ministry of Post Japan adopted SOFEL's product "DA-COBOL".
1987 SOFEL released the first game software for Nintendo.
SOFEL localized and released "Super Paint" for Macintosh.
1988 Capital increased to 34 million yen.
1989 SOFEL localized and released "Super Card" for Macintosh.
SOFEL Corp. in US released the first game software for Nintendo.
1990 SOFEL opened laboratory in Chiba.
SOFEL exhibited game software at CES held in US in '90, '91, '92.
1992 Capital increased to 91 million yen.
1993 SOFEL localized and released PC-UNIX "COHERENT".
1995 SOFEL started Internet services.
1996 SOFEL started R&D on RFID.
1998 SOFEL released RFID system to a division of Ministry of Post Japan.
SOFEL released RFID systems to hospital, library and laboratory.
2001 Takeshi Iga, CEO, translated "RFID Handbook", which became first technical reference in Japan.
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